Weekend Recap

candice weekend 3-11-13My weekend included Biggie, sunshine and happy hour. –Candice (Twitter | Instagram)Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 10.08.02 AMThis weekend I joined 40,000 other fans at Swedish House Mafias's Masquerade Motel show to see them at their very last show.  It was a full night of good music, crazy lights, and lots of fireworks. –Kyle (Twitter | Instagram)Cassie 3-11-13I spent all of Saturday with my man in Malibu.  We went hiking, had a champagne/oyster snack and a three course dinner at the sunset (Go Bloomspot!)This man was on the beach and we were poking fun at him. At one point we decided to race across the beach. When we got to the car, we realized that my boyfriend had dropped his keys in the sand! We both wished this guy was still around with his metal detector. Luckily the keys were pretty close to the surface — all good! –Cassie (Twitter | Instagram)whoopi 3-11-13Over the weekend, I received my Raspberry Pi microcontroller in the mail and played with that. Along with my Raspberry Pi, I purchased an RGB LED 16x32 matrix panel. My plan is to build out code to have the panel display a live Twitter feed that pulls from my Twitter account. I neglected some friends this weekend to get the ball rolling on this personal project of mine.I spent the rest of my weekend building out visual elements for our SXSW showcase, Lionfest. Everything was going pretty well until I spilled Cheetos everywhere... –Ashten (Twitter | Instagram)photo-6Vegas was awesome. Although was rainy and freezing cold on Saturday, I still had fun fun. First time gambling was a fail. Don't trust the Ghostbuster slot machine, or the Michael Jackson one, or Aladdin one...  Lesson learned: If you hit, take the money and run! Or you'll lose it all! I saw Pete Rose, who has the all time hits record for baseball and is on a reality tv show right now. I also saw Al Bernstein, one of the greatest announcers in showtime boxing. While shopping in Vegas, I also learned that they have rarer shoes at regular price (like the Crimson 3's for $120), unlike the overinflated shoe spots in LA (Crimson 3's for $225!). I'd much rather shop and look around than gamble, spend hundreds and get a $40 food and beverage comp... They got me! –Jane (Twitter | Instagram)Twin-Peaks-twin-peaks-11663252-1280-800Last weekend, I became pretty much obsessed with the surreal and completely enthralling 1990-1991 drama "Twin Peaks." I'd heard it referenced numerous times, especially in regards to its influence on television writing in the 90s and the aughts, but I only just got a chance to check it out. It's a two-season show about the investigation around the murder of a homecoming queen in the titular sleepy northwestern town. This affects the townspeople in so many ways, and as the show progresses, you learn that there are a lot of secrets in Twin Peaks. If you're a David Lynch fan with a penchant for drama and murder mysteries, then you need to see this show! It's interesting to drink in the 80s/90s wardrobes of the very good-looking young cast too.I recently discovered the excellent Nicolas Jaar BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix that starts with the show's haunting theme song, explained by its composer, Angelo Badalamanti. Take a listen!The entire series is streaming on Hulu. –Diana (Twitter | Instagram)photo

I spent the day strolling outdoors in Venice! –Jasmin (Twitter | Instagram)