Wearable Wednesdays: #FallFashion

fall-fashion-color-wheel1-e1345481047605Today is October 1st and despite the warm weather, we are officially into the thick of fall which means two words: FALL FASHION.Although some of our weekend recaps show that we're still hitting the beach, we're all super excited about Fall trends to prepare for these colder (hopefully) months.Here are a few of our favorite trends:Animal Prints--It seems like this is a trend that's ongoing and slowly creeping into Fall and we love it! Animal prints for the win!animal-prints-mainDark Nail Polish--A few of us ladies here at the office have been counting down for our darker and deeper hues for our talons!Dark-Nail-PolishJogger Pants--For the guys, we're definitely digging this casual and comfy style!New-2014-Spring-Autumn-Harem-Pants-Men-Skinny-Slim-Fit-Sweatpants-for-Men-Fashion-Casual-MenWhat are some of your Fall fashion faves?