#WCW: Our Power Publicist Brianne Pins

Brianne Pins, Vice President of Publicity here at Cashmere Agency, is our WCW of the week – and rightfully so! Brianne is known for her ability to implement and execute strategic and creative campaigns for big-name clients including Netflix, Red Bull, and Snoop Dogg. Her creativity is apparent in all of that work that she does, and her numerous professional accomplishments are demonstrations of her strong work ethic and talent as a communicator.Whether she is tackling the launch of a new artist, securing a feature in a major magazine, or attending a star-studded press junket for a Netflix series, Brianne does it all -- and manages to do so with patience and kindness.Brianne is also a leader in identifying a trend that Cashmere has coined called “social publicity”. Working hand-in-hand with Cashmere’s social and creative teams, Brianne understands the importance of utilizing digital resources to complement publicity tactics.When Brianne is not in the office, she can most likely be found listening to her good friend, Beyonce, on replay or drinking Hennessy with close friends.