#WCW: Our Director of Accounts- Cameron Crane

Cameron Crane, Director of Accounts here at Cashmere Agency, is our WCW of the week – we'll tell you why! As Director of Accounts at Cashmere Agency, Cam oversees campaigns from inception to execution for our big name clients such as GE, PayPal, HBO and Red Bull. Her passion and drive is apparent in all her interaction with current and potential clients, along with the entire staff here at Cashmere. Cam's numerous connections and wide network are demonstrative of her skill in navigating the business side of this world.Prior to joining Cashmere, Cameron worked in-house for top lifestyle brand lululemon athletica and managed key accounts at Emmis Communications for top Los Angeles radio station Power 106.Whether she's traveling back and forth between LA and NY, securing our newest client, or attending high-class dinners, Cam gets it all done with her fun humor, sharp wit, and overall positivity!When Cam's not in the office you can find her namaste-in at yoga, enjoying nature, or brunching!Big ups to our WCW this week!Cam IG