#WCW Olympic Edition

The 2016 Rio Olympics wrapped this weekend, and the team here at Cashmere found it fitting to dedicate this week's WCW blog post to a few (among the many) of the inspiring females who represented their countries these past few weeks!Simone Biles SimoneBilesAt 19, Simone left Rio with 5 Olympic medals under her belt in gymnastics (4 gold, 1 bronze). Not only is she an inspiration on the floor, but to foster children everywhere. Simone overcame very real obstacles in her youth, with drug-addiction in her family and being put into the foster care system for a time. From troubled times, to gold medals, Simone inspires youth who are in a similar situation to what she has experienced.Yusra MardiniYusraMardiniYusra Mardini, 18-years-old, competed as an Olympic swimmer for the first Refugee Olympic Athletes Team at Rio. A Syrian refugee, Yusra's significant accomplishments go beyond being chosen to compete. Prior to the Olympics, Yusra used her talent and swam for three hours, pushing a refugee boat, to save herself, her sister, and 20 other refugees when it began to sink in the Aegean sea.Fu YuanhuiFuYuanhuiFu Yuanhui is known all over the internet for her unbridled expressions of joy at the, usually very serious, Olympic games. She's even been dubbed as "The Most Lovable Athlete" at the games. Not only was she "lovable" and winning at the games (1 bronze), she challenged the taboo regarding conversation about the female body as she openly spoke about starting her period the night before she swam.We highlighted three strong and inspirational female Olympians as our WCWs for the week, but a big shoutout to every female athlete who brought their A game to Rio!