#WCW: Mikhaile Solomon

This week's Cashmere #WCW is arts advocate, designer and director of Prizm Art Fair, and all around inspiration for females - Mikhaile Solomon!Born and bred in Miami and of Kittitian descent, Mikhaile received an education in Chicago and returned to Miami to create a more inclusive and diverse arts and culture scene in the city. With a background in theatre, dance, and architecture, Mikhaile focuses on promoting the work of artists of color, reflecting global trends in contemporary art, and directing Prizm Art Fair at Art Basel, Miami.Prizm Art Fair is a groundbreaking, multidisciplinary exhibit featuring international artists from Africa and the African Diaspora. Housed at one Art Basel, Miami - one of the most prestigious art festivals in the world. (If you're down in Miami this week, take the time to be a part of this one-of-a-kind experience).

We've personally connected with Mikhaile and dedicating our #WCW to her is authentic - she's intelligent and well-spoken, and when you meet her it's evident her passion for her work in the arts. This week goes out to you, Mikhaile!