Watch Out, Instagram Adds Uploading Feature

IG vidThe moment we have all been waiting for, or at least for those of us who want to upload our awesome videos we've captured on our phone. Instagram finally added the ability to upload videos from your camera roll to the recently added Instagram Video feature. Before, you had to capture your best 15 second strand of clips directly through the application, limiting its use and creativity.Now, with the new upload function, any video saved on your phone can be trimmed into a 15 second clip to be shared with the world. Everyday Instagram users can now rejoice because you can capture a video at any time and save it for uploading later. But for brands and marketers, this could mean a whole new way of sharing video content. Shoot on a DSLR, edit in in Final Cut, add some visual effects, cut it down to 15 seconds, send it your phone, and your Instagram feed is changed forever.Who do you think is going to have the best Instagram videos now? –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)