Virtual Reality - So Close Yet So Far

Believe it or not, Virtual Reality is not far off from becoming a mainstream technology, according to specialists. Although the excitement about this not-so-future technology is growing, the general consumer is still far from enjoying a riveting virtual experience while riding the metro. According to TechCrunch, we’re "standing just behind the starting line" in terms of hardware. Three companies are set to release VR headsets this year: Oculus VR, the Facebook-owned company, will release its Rift headset; HTC and Valve promise to release their Vive headset; Sony’s model, the PlayStation VR, will emerge. So, why aren't we already climbing trees in the Amazon from the comfort of our couches?  According to industry researchers, the answer is a lack of CONTENT...mixed with a hint of motion sickness. Read more via TechCrunch here.via GIPHY