TV Tuesdays: Hulu and Showtime Announce Partnership

Today, Hulu and Showtime announced a new partnership that will give Hulu subscribers direct access to Showtime's streaming services. The partnership will debut on July 12, and Hulu Plus users can pay $8.99 a month on top of their Hulu subscription to stream Showtime shows, including Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan.This partnership is coming off the heels of an announcement that Showtime made last month that they would be debuting their own streaming service, similar to HBO Now. Showtime's standalone streaming service is available for $11 per month, so Hulu users are getting a pretty sweet deal. Hulu users will also be able to stream Showtime shows through any device where Hulu is available.Hulu has been rapidly expanding its content catalogue to compete with Netflix and this will mark the first time that they will be streaming premium cable content on their platform. Between HBO, Showtime, Hulu and Netflix offering up streaming services, does anyone even need traditional cable anymore?