Trick, Don't Kill My VINE! What Instagram's New Announcement Means for Video Sharing

IG blog postAs the internet exploded this morning with Facebook's announcement of video capture for Instagram, the Cashmere team has been in debates all day over the what this means for social networking and video sharing.  Is the new Instagram video integration a "Vine killer"? Or has Vine carved out its own niche, with creativity that will remain relevant throughout this competition?The new Instagram feature is live on iOS as of today, and should be pushed out to Android devices some time in the next day or so.  So we have the breakdown of the new video capabilities:

  • 15 seconds of video
  • Ability to go back and erase parts of the capture
  • 13 unique video filters
  • Cinema, a video stabilizer that corrects shaky video

Here are some initial thoughts from around the office. Many of us found Instagram's video function easier to use than Vine, given the added undo button. However, Vine's looping feature and quick 6 second limit gives it a GIF-like quality that elicits a unique creativity.  Vine stars like Riff Raff have emerged, even inspiring a Vine talent agency (ironically posted on Fast Company just hours before the Instagram announcement).  Twitter's wildly buzzed about new app has also been making headlines lately as these Vine video clips get uploaded at a rapid pace, surpassing Instagram uploads in a much shorter time frame.  There are some obvious differences in demographic and uses as well.  As TechCrunch alluded to in their review, "Instagram’s user base is mostly made up of people documenting their feet, coffees, and pets, but Vine has attracted a group of users who are pleased by the challenges set forth in the app."However, Instagram's huge user base gives them an unmistakable edge; the service has 130 million+ compared to Vine's 15 million+.  Both apps will continue to grow, and everyone from the every day user to the mega star will have a favorite between the two.  Only time will tell whether this new feature will give the edge Facebook has always wanted over its Silicon Valley counterpart.Have you tried both apps? Which one is your favorite? Let us know and check out our Vines and Instagram posts on Twitter!—Kyle (Twitter|Instagram) & Diana (Twitter|Instagram)