TNT Claws Receives Gold Clio For Outstanding Social Campaign

We want to congratulate TNT Claws for receiving the Clio gold medal for outstanding social campaign!

In order to connect with their core audience, TNT's Claws set out to establish strong roots within the nail art space. But in an oversaturated Instagram nail art community, how was Claws able to cut through the noise and enagage nail art fans? By leveraging fan participation through the #ClawsUp hashtag. With over 30,000+ submissions in just 6 weeks, Claws was able to curate the best of the best, and quickly became the social hub for nail artistry.

In order to reach their target demo in an authentic way, Claws needed a social-first approach to reach an audience of fashionable, dynamic women of color. Claws selected 5 of social media's hottest influencers, that together spoke to every facet of their fan base. These influencers joined the cast on set in New Orleans to create original content that they would then broadcast to their large affinity groups. The influencer participation did not stop there. To sustain engagement throughout the premiere, influencers posted from the swanky LA premiere and tweeted along with Episode 1. The premiere generated, 54M Twitter impressions,  4.2M Snapchat impressions, and 3.6M Instagram impressions.

Want Karrueche's Florida Noir look? Our girl @symphonisoto bringing the heat.

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TNT Claws, together with the multicultural marketing efforts of Cashmere, was able to execute an authentic and engaging, diversity-driven social campaign.