Tidal and Rihanna Kidnap Fans for 'BBHMM' Video Premiere

Tidal is going to great lengths to sway away Rihanna fans, literally. To celebrate the premiere of Rihanna's recent hit "Bitch Better Have My Money", the pop star and Tidal teamed up to steal away select fans and media to a secret location in Downtown Los Angeles, where the video premiere was hosted. According to an article on Billboard, "the exclusive four-hour affair -- involving bus rides to downtown Los Angeles, jugglers, marionettes and cash dropping from the ceiling -- was part of the streaming service’s Tidal X offline experience series. "After the video was shown, Rihanna walked out on stage to greet attendees and mingle with fans. Watch the music video below and read the full article about the event here. https://youtu.be/B3eAMGXFw1o