Three Years At Cashmere Agency

During my 3 years at Cashmere, I have definitely grown so much — as a graphic designer, as a co-worker, and as a person. I considered talking about what Cashmere has done for me and other nice, heartwarming things, but I don’t think anybody wants to read that. Here are some of my most memorable moments.Favorite momentFor our 2011 Holiday party, we hired a hypnotist and we got to see some of our most timid co-workers dance! One of the Visual Production guys even “gave birth”! We were so scared he was going to poop his pants.Most recent funny momentA couple people from the office went to a movie screening and ended up making small talk with strangers. Someone asked the Head of Visual Production if he was a fan of penguins. He hated them with a passion and I was so confused and was about to talk about how much I love giraffes — when they clarified that they were talking about hockey teams.Embarrassing momentJasminDuring our 2012 Halloween costume contest, I was supposed to announce the winners. One of the Project Managers dressed up as Rick James and I yelled out “Rick Ross”! I hid behind my computer for the rest of the night, pretending I had a lot of work to do while others celebrated with pizza and beer.Longest projectThe project that took the longest to complete was the motion graphics piece that explains who Cashmere is. The final report for NBA Jam Sessions was about 175 pages long and was close to 2GB.Most disgusting thingspizzaa. One of the VisPro guys folded a large pizza in half and ate it like a taco in one sitting. He complained about a stomachache all day and I ignored him the whole time.socksb. I went to the bathroom and came back to 2 guys using my chair as a footrest. Their shoes were nowhere to be found.Weirdest thing that happenedVisPro was working on an Asian American show called BPM and we were all staying late for a while. Empty office + video guys = WEIRD. One time, they all took their shirts off and ran around the office.Other memorable momentsI was sick one day and couldn’t come in. Someone put a jacket around my chair and stuffed a PacMan hat in the hoodie and pretended I was still there. Someone thought it was really me and asked if I was okay because I was so quiet all day.fakegraceI was so excited to move into the new office! So close to the beach, so much room! The company has definitely grown so much since the move.I don’t remember why but I had to leave my laptop with my email opened in the VP’s office. He had to do something with my email and I left his office and got a staff email from my account talking about how I fell in love with every male in the office. My direct boss emailed me about how pranks are fun and all but it was inappropriate to send to all staff. I had to inform her it was the VP.bicorns textI have a giraffe stuffed animal named “Bicorns” that I sometimes carry around (don’t ask). One of our graphic designers took it home and sent me “hostage” photos.Random Photoshopped ImageswhoopdoggmulanBest thing about CashmereThe best thing about Cashmere Agency is the “we accept you for who you are” family environment. We sure do get a lot of work done but those five minutes in between work make it so much fun. I would be lying if I said I never got up in the morning and dreaded coming to work. There were a couple of those but there were so many other days when I couldn’t wait to come to the office. I love you, Cashmerians! Where y’all going to lunch today? Souplantation, anyone? —Grace (Instagram|Twitter)