Thoughts On Tech: YouTube Launches Streaming Service

Taylor Swift recently made headlines by pulling her entire song catalogue from Spotify, the world's largest music streaming platform. Although this may have helped her sell over 1 million albums in the first week of the release of 1989, Spotify's CEO came out and said she could have made over $6 million this year on the platform.As streaming continues its massive growth, and music sales continues to decline, more and more platforms are jumping in the game. YouTube has always been known as the top place for music discovery, it hasn't been able to capitalize on it's massive user base in a streaming environment... until now.Yesterday they announced YouTube Music Key, a monthly subscription streaming service that will allow the platform to help artists monetize on their music. With over 1 billion monthly visitors, the audience is already there, but the music is not always at its highest quality and most of the time, the artist is making little to nothing from these video views. Now, YouTube is hoping to capture that momentum in the industry, and at $8 per month, the subscription is already cheaper than Spotify and Rdio.Read more from the New York Times HERE.- Kyle (@kyledineen)