Thoughts on Tech: Why is my Newsfeed Full of Comics? The Emergence of BitStrips

1385364_10201262467857960_1813016596_nIt's the newest craze in the office social media conversation, and it's not some new video network or photo filtering app. It's the comic avatar-creation tool called Bitstrips and I think I am the only one who hasn't created one yet. This app, which is available through Facebook or on almost all mobile devices, allows you to customize a personal avatar, along with creating or selecting your surroundings, with thousands of customizable options. Check out  Cashmere-ians Diana and Cassie in the Bitstrip above.Even though it launched as an educational tool back in the beginning of 2013, it seems to be exploding in popularity  recently. Back in July, VentureBeat called BitStrips "the hottest startup you’ve never heard of", because it had reached 10M users in less than three months.  Claiming to be the "next step in social media evolution", the company has built its entire user base from word of mouth and viral sharing, with zero dollars spent on user acquisition. This also allows it to run without any outside funding and to be able to stay organic to its vision.So now that everyone is catching on and creating BitStrips to show what they are doing on a daily basis, will this be another fad or is it here to stay? Will they find a way to monetize it in a unique way so users don't lose interest? We will see how it plays out! Read more here. –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)