Thoughts on Tech: The Future of Shopping Advertisements

DavidBeckhamThe Super Bowl is fast approaching, and to most non-sports fans, this day means the biggest commercial spots of the year. Throughout the years, we have seen creative campaigns from Doritos, Pepsi, and many other brands, but this year’s winner is already shaping up to be H&M. They will introducing a new advertising technology that is sure to change the old way of marketing. The technology is called “t-commerce”, which is the usage of e-commerce through your television, and was created by tech company Delivery Agent.The spot will air during the second quarter of the Super Bowl, and will feature the “Body Line” featuring world soccer star David Beckham. During the 30-second ad, owners of Samsung SmartTV’s will be able to interact and purchase these products directly from the ad itself. Viewers will be able to interact with a small pop-up window on the ad, while the rest of the commercial continues to run. Shoppers can then purchase the items, send it to another device, or share it with their networks online. According to AdAge, "The H&M campaign is the first in which Delivery Agent will deliver shoppable content through a smart TV rather than cable or satellite set-top boxes.”SmartTV’s are currently one of the hottest topics at this week’s CES show in Las Vegas, and according to EMarketer, roughly 19% of US households had a SmartTV by the end of 2013. Will this technology catch on and be the future of advertising products on television? Or will it be used by the select few with the technology know-how and the proper budgets? Let us know what you think! –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)