Thoughts on Tech: Soundtracking Brings the "Musical Postcard" to Instagram

ST blogBeing a DJ and self-proclaimed music lover, I find myself spending a majority of my social media life doing something music related, whether it’s listening to streaming services like Spotify and Soundcloud, to sharing my favorite tunes on Twitter and Facebook, to posting photos on Instagram of the concert I am at. These various actions serve different purposes, but what I really wanted was to tie that all together in one place.  And like the cliché goes, “there’s an app for that!"If you are unfamiliar with Soundtracking, the app allows you to share the "soundtrack of your life" through a song, photo, location, and personal message. This can also be shared to Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram. Earlier this week, Soundtracking founder Steve Jang announced that the app had reached 2 million active users, and boasts 1.75 million social actions happening each day. This app has been near the top of my iPhone most-used list for two years, but what’s really exciting to me is their ability to keep enhancing the user experience based on feedback from their users. First, they updated the Smart Play feature, allowing you to listen to the  songs people post, directly on YouTube, Spotify, and Rdio. Then came the awesome app integration on the Spotify platform. But one of their biggest steps in dominating the "musical moment" space was their release this week of the Instagram sharing feature.

The partnership between these apps allows you to share a musical postcard on Instagram, displaying the song you soundtracked along with your personal message. "Instagram has really quickly evolved from a popular photo sharing app into an extremely active social network that focuses on non-verbal, visual communication as the core expression" says Jang, so it was only fitting to connect the dots. And while SoundTracking has exploded recently in the US, we all know music is universal language, and the app has over 40% of their user base in other countries. This international musical fan base can lead to some pretty interesting statistical analysis.  The ability to gather data of what people are listening to, where they are listening to certain songs, how artists resonate in certain regions can be very useful.  As Jang mentioned to Fast Company, "We want to figure out how to get the most fun insights to our community, and the most useful and actionable data to artists, music labels, and brands."

The new features, data capturing, and social sharing capabilities make SoundTracking one of the best apps for sharing your personal musical tastes. And with their ability to quickly adapt and progress, I only see bright things in their future. Find me on SoundTracking and let's share our favorite tunes! –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)