Thoughts on Tech: Learning to Code in School with

When I was growing up, we were taught that math, reading, science, and history were the most important subjects to learn in school, and that our eventual jobs would fall under one of these disciplines. Then we went to high school and college, and these fields were narrowed into some sort of science, business, humanities, social science, or engineering degree. One thing that was not stressed, or even mentioned, was that much of our world would soon be run by computer science, or specifically, web, and it's founder Hadi Partovi, are going to change that. is a non-for-profit business that has set out to build computer science programs in schools across the world, while also looking expand computer science participation from women and students of color.'s initiative currently reaches over 1.5M students in over 170 countries. All of this takes a large amount of funding though, and even though they have been financially backed by internet moguls such as Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, they are continually looking to expand.Hadi and his team launched a campaign on Indiegogo, the non-profit crowd-funding platform, to raise additional funds to continue to expand the "Hour of Code" program. This event aims to add an hour of coding every week in schools to build awareness and skills. Their fundraising goal is $5M by December to launch the class in over 10K schools. So far, they have raised over $2.8M, breaking the previous record for the most successful campaign on the site. We know that web coding and design is one of the fastest growing careers, and will continue to expand, so the success of the "Hour of Code" event and the business is almost guaranteed.Donate to the campaign and help make history HERE!- Kyle (@kyledineen)