Thoughts on Tech: Innovation and Adventure from Heineken

[youtube=]There are certain brands that are known for creative marketing and technology campaigns, and the beverage industry seems to be heading up this race. In a brand new project hosted at New York's JFK Terminal 8, Heineken launched the next phase of its #Dropped campaign called Departure Roulette, which asks travelers to drop their current destination and fly somewhere random. The ticker randomly selects a destination when you push that always-scary red button, and you have to leave then and there. We polled staff around the office and most people don't feel like they would make that big step (for the record I would probably do it, who knows what could happen).No matter what the reaction of each person is, the campaign successfully ties in creativity, innovation, and continuity with their overall brand image. Going along with their three-year-long "Legends" campaign, the campaign brings you an opportunity to explore your adventurous side, if you choose to. If you are in JFK, stop by to see the Heineken booth and maybe you will end up flying off to some random destination! –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)