Thoughts on Tech: Coin Is An All-in-One Credit Card Solution

995527_10151909445265860_1043091299_nMy wallet is always filled with credit cards, debit cards, and gift cards, and to be honest, I hate carrying them around. Some of the gift cards carry no balance, some of the rewards cards are expired, etc... This process has been a necessity for everyday use, until today.This week, a company called Coin, straight out of the tech startup masterminds of San Francisco, introduced their new product, an all-in-one convenient payment card. The Coin allows you to take all of these cards together with one card that is connected to an iOS and Android app. The Coin card, which comes in two colors, can then connect to 8 cards at a time, giving you the flexibility to choose your form of payment with each transaction.My first reaction was "FINALLY!", but after reading through the specific details, it really takes a lot of advanced technology to make this happen. I am sure most people will be worried about the security at first, but don’t you worry, it’s all taken care of. Your phone alerts you when you leave the Coin somewhere, and all of your banking info is securely locked into the connection to each of the individual cards you own. The other great thing about Coin is that all vendors can already accept the Coin, since it is directly tied to your current credit/debit/rewards card that already exist.[youtube=]If you are like me, you're asking, "Where do I sign up?!" Visit their site to pre-order the Coin, which is half off until their official public launch, at a price of $50. In case you want to find out more about how it all works, check out the video above! –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)