Thoughts on Tech: Blockbuster Shutting Its Doors

blockbusterA piece of my childhood died yesterday with the announcement that Blockbuster is closing the remainder of its 300 retail locations that are not franchised. I remember getting super excited to go rent the latest VHS release at Blockbuster, and convincing my mom to get me some popcorn and candy on the way out. I also recall the day they started to allow you to rent entire game consoles for a few days. Now our kids won’t get to experience this joy.By early 2014, Blockbuster, owned by DISH Network, will close all of its domestic retail stores and shut down its mail by delivery DVD distribution service. However, it will continue to build the brand with its On-Demand service for DISH subscribers. "DISH will focus on delivering the Blockbuster @Home service to DISH customers, and on its transactional streaming service for the general market, Blockbuster On Demand," stated DISH in its official announcement. With the rise and accessibility of streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, we all saw this coming, but it’s a sad day to see this event come to fruition.RIP “Be Kind, Rewind.” —Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)