Thoughts on Tech: Are SmartWatches the Future?

Picture credit: Mashable.comLately there has been a lot of chatter about the new wave of technology known as SmartWatches. I know many of you have seen the Samsung commercial comparing their new device with those of famous cartoons and movies from the past. Ever since we were kids, we have been introduced to the idea of communicating and receiving information on our wrist, but now it seems to be coming to life.[youtube=]Built to run apps similar to your smartphone, the Samsung GALAXY GEAR is making an attempt to own the "wearable technology" space. However, there have been positive and negative reviews of the device, and not everyone is completely sold. As The Boston Globe stated, "with a 2.6 ounce weight and a price of $299, the GEAR will never play a major role in someone's life." The Wall Street Journal also noted, "the technological limitations of Samsung's device, and of others like it on the market, raise questions as to whether this category will take off with consumers."Nokia also recently filed for a patent for their version of the SmartWatch, with photos showing multiple displays on one band (photo below). This creates the ability to customize your experience even further. But would people really wear something this big on their wrists? We all know this space is uncharted territory and there are sure to be many more versions to come, so we are looking forward to seeing how much this trend catches on. –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)