This Week in Tech: Instagram Excites with New Features

Instagram has unveiled three innovative updates to its Stories feature, further separating Instagram from its competitor, Snapchat, and driving more users to utilize the video component of the application. The company has enabled Instagram users to add URL links to their stories, tag friends' usernames, and add Boomerangs. All three updates have renewed interest in the app, with users and the tech community buzzing with excitement.By allowing creators to incorporate URL links into their stories, users and viewers can more easily share news and articles that interest them the most - all without leaving the Instagram app. This genius update is Instagram's first step in combining the app with web browsing. However, this feature is currently available only for verified users - TBD on whether or not Instagram will expand its use to all users. This could create new, creative opportunities for brands and marketers!instagram-mentionsTagging your friends or coworkers in memes is now being brought to the next level. With mentions, users can tag one another in their stories. The tag will connect to the person's profile, and they will receive a notification.Last, but certainly not lease, with the addition of Boomerang to Instagram video, users can spice up their stories.As marketers and social media fanatics, Cashmere Agency is excited to see what these new features will mean for users and brands alike!