The WEMES Are Here!

Does anyone remember when exactly the internet started to get obsessed with memes and micro-videos? No? We don't, either. It seems like memes and short video bits naturally emerged from the explosion of platforms like Instagram and Vine and the popularity of funny, shareable image/video content. So what's next? The answer may very well lie in "WEMES": an app that launched today, which marries the two formats by letting users create their very own video memes.

WEMES app - How it Works

How it works: once you have downloaded the app from the App store (sorry Android! Not for you quite yet.), open it and choose one of the preloaded video clips featuring a selection of celebrities (including Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and many more). You can then add your own text and audio recording to the clip to create a customized and engaging video meme and share it on your social networks or via text. Ready to get started and try it out? Find out more about WEMES on and click here to download the app. You can also follow WEMES on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine, and share your very own Wemes with the hashtags #WEMES and #GotWEMES.