The Unprecedented Marketing Strategy Behind Lemonade

 SHE'S BACK! Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour kicks off tonight! Even if you haven't reached deep into your pockets to buy tickets, and even if you didn't care to listen to the incredible Lemonade, you must acknowledge that she is setting tour and album marketing precedents in the music industry. This is undeniable.Surprise album releases aren't new. Beyonce pioneered this tactic in December of 2013 when she dropped a self-titled album on the iTunes store that included 17 accompanying music videos. In recent years, some of the biggest acts in music, including Drake, Future, Kendrick Lamar, and D’Angelo, have followed suit. But the scale and coordination of Beyoncé’s most recent announcements have reached an unprecedented level in concert tour promotion. Here's the timeline of her team's latest marketing genius:Beyoncé heightened focus on herself with the release of "Formation" during the Superbowl. After a powerful halftime performance, she revealed through a brief commercial that her upcoming world tour would begin on April 27th. It was a tour announcement unlike any had seen before.Formation World Tour tickets went on sale shortly thereafter and garnered enough fan excitement to create additional shows in U.S. and international cities. Taking full advantage of the moment— and feeding the media and fans with yet another thing to talk about— Beyoncé found time to release a fitness clothing line called Ivy Park.Just when it seemed as if Beyoncé had done it all, last weekend’s Lemonade album dropped. Twelve tracks with appearances from the likes of The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, and Jack White would have been considered a great body of work, but to top that, she paired the music with a 60-minute visual album that aired on HBO. The album has now sold half a million copies in its first week.So, there we have it. Bow down to the Queen B.