The Tech Behind March Madness

It's finally time to say goodbye to March Madness, a month filled with beer drinking, meme-able drinks, and irate, irrational bros yelling. Tonight is the final game of the NCAA tournament, so naturally it's the only thing we sport enthusiastic millennials have been tweeting about. According to AOL, we're breaking digital records, people!Even if you're highly indifferent about this collegiate sports tradition, you may find the facts about the tech behind the tournament rather interesting. From the shot clock and player tracking to instant replays, analytics and virtual reality, advances in technology are changing the way the game is played and enjoyed.Biz Tech Magazine created a quiz for us to test our knowledge on the overall evolution of technology in college basketball. Even if you fail miserably, like I did, you'll definitely still learn some interesting tidbits on basketball history. Take the quiz here and enjoy the championship game tonight!