The Shining Conspiracy Theories

shiningdogeOur visual production coordinator Gabil Sultanov and graphic designer Grace Park went to the Arclight Dome on Halloween to watch The Shining. Since then, their conversation has been all about the movie and the different conspiracy theories. Here are some of their favorites!Staging of the moon landingFrom literal clues like Danny's Apollo sweater to obscure details, some believe The Shining is Kubrick's confession to filming the fake moon landing. When the ball rolls toward Danny sitting on the carpet (in a pattern that clearly is a NASA launch pad), it represents the government asking Kubrick to play "moon landing." Kubrick soon finds out that working with the government was "all work and no play."Native American GenocideSome say the violent movie was a commentary on the Native American Genocide. Supposedly, when Stephen King was writing the novel, he based the Overlook Hotel on Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado and Kubrick's team did an extensive research on the town's history. They found long records of Native American genocide.The HolocaustKubrick uses an image of an eagle numerous times throughout the film and that "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" symbolizes the Third Reich’s mechanical methods of killing people and their obsession with list-making.The TwinsDuring Jack's interview, it is mentioned that Grady's daughters were about 8 and 10. If they weren't twins, then who are the twins that wants Danny to come play with them forever and ever? Is this hallucination a commentary on the CIA LSD programs?AlcoholismIt starts with Wendy's most awkward explanation about Danny's injury. Jack never touches a drink again. Being caged in an empty hotel with no booze sure sounds a lot like rehab. He then sells his soul to the devil for just one drink. Though that scene seems to explore more Faustian themes, maybe it's about how a person's life unravels as he relapses.The Hotel is Basically HellAfter Jack sells his soul to the bartender AKA Satan, his new job in hell is the caretaker. He's always been the caretaker. He dies and somehow manages to come back to the hotel as the caretaker and the cycle starts again. I mean how else do you explain the last photo? Does ANYBODY know?[youtube=]Check out documentaries such as Room 237 ( and The Shining Code (above) and join our conversation!