The Power of Disney

big-hero-6-hiro-hamada-and-baymaxI remember back when I was kid and movies like Mulan, Aladdin, Lion King, Snow White, Cinderella, etc. were all Disney staples that played a treasured part of my childhood memories. I know that growing up I always thought that there is no way that Disney can top itself with the original "classics" and come out with any more amazing stories. However, Disney always amazes me with the creativity of their work and how it reaches out to all different ages.Every time a new Disney movie is released, I am always surprised with not only how successful their movies are but how they continue the legacy of creating a line of classics for every age. I can't say that the level of importance of Frozen is that of Cinderella to me personally but only because these long time classics hold a special place in my heart. But I can definitely say that what Mulan/Lion King/Beauty and the Beast is to me is definitely Frozen/Up/Tangled to the younger generation. Good job Disney.