The next step for typography: Animography

[vimeo w=640&h=360]I was delighted to find out about Animography today. One typeface designer and 110 animators teamed up to create an animated typeface. Each letter is limited to 25 frames and 4 colors. The results are stunning. They're actually free if you tweet about it! SO COOL!Cool projects like this usually inspire me and I drool over them for 30 minutes, share on my social networks and go about my day. Today was different. I felt HOPE. This spawns from a conversation I had with Jesse, our senior director of business development, about the "The" ligature an Australian designer made. My head exploded with anger.Here's the email I sent Jesse:"I'm not feeling it. Sorry, understatement of the week. I hate it.When you were explaining it to me, I thought it was pretty cool but when I saw the video and saw it in use, it is so distracting. AND works because it is a conjunction (right?) and goes from one thing to the next. THE is used too commonly will take a long time for most people to be able to ignore a new symbol.Also, the purpose of most ligature is for aesthetic reasons. The ampersand was to save space and time/strokes but most ligatures like ff fi tt etc eliminate serifs or strokes that overlap so it is distracting in reading the content. The "Th" together is not pleasing AT ALL and it just looks slapped together.I really think the designer could have thought more about where other ligatures come from and what it does to the experience when you read the text. You're asking a whole lot of people to learn and use a symbol, the least you can do is put more than 30 seconds into creating it.Seriously, that video? I get he's trying to be funny but that explains NOTHING. The is used a lot, I get it; But there is a history behind the word ET and there is a reason why people felt the need for a symbol.Did it ever bother you that we have to write three letters for THE? No, because we no longer have to kill sheep, skin it, and write with a quill pen. We use the effing computer. It's no longer about "just add another symbol!" What about the other 245892365782346547389 typefaces we have to adopt to? Mrs. Eaves created so much controversy because it was an adaptation of an already existing typeface (Baskerville) that the designer cleaned up to catch up with technology (Letterpress to phototype) . This is the OPPOSITE of that.Rant of the day."I might have been a little sensitive that day.