The new Twitter #Music: What is it?

twitter music blogToday, Twitter launched its new music discovery service, appropriately named #Music. This service, available for web and iOS, is the newest stand-alone application from Twitter that really enhances the user experience with music. After the recent success of Vine, it seems to be a commonly known fact that the folks behind the social networking giant know what their users are coming for. The new #Music service delivers exactly what a music fan loves, the discovery of new music and the connection to your favorite artists. There are numerous features that allow users to find music they love. You can see who your favorite artists are following, who your friends are tweeting and listening to, and find new artists based on your current interests. After using the app and reading a few of my favorite blogs review it, there are a couple of characteristics of #Music that I found interesting.First, Twitter seems to be on board with the "simpler is better" method of user experience. They combined the right platforms (iTunes, Spotify, and Rdio) to make the process of discovery easy and effective. It pulls in data from the artists that you and your friends currently follow, bringing up similar music in the "Suggested" and "#NowPlaying" tabs. It also allows a one-step process to connect to Spotify or Rdio so you can stream the whole track. Another useful feature for music lovers is the "Click to Tweet" button, further enhancing the social experience of listening to music. I also liked the app right away as the interface itself is very easy to use and highly image based.Secondly, this could also change the landscape of artist engagement on Twitter. Undoubtedly, this will help certain artists increase their follower count by simply being in the suggested list or reminding current fans that they don't already follow this artist. The other effects might not be so obvious. With more fans discovering artist's Twitter accounts through "suggested" music, it is more important then ever to provide some sort of benefit to your fans on your Twitter feed. As Fast Company states, "as a side effect, perhaps Twitter #Music will make artists start tweeting more interesting content." We could also see more emerging artists gain popularity if they are  highly shared on Twitter and start showing up on more feeds.The last interesting characteristic of the new #Music service is the way that it was unveiled it to the public. The release of new social networks, applications, and various technologies seems to have taken a much different path in the past. With most news coming out of Silicon Valley, spreading to early adopters, and eventually making its way into the general public eye, Twitter took a different approach this time. They announced the service on the nationally televised show Good Morning America this morning, further solidifying their place as a mainstream media platform. "What’s interesting is that Twitter is aiming straight for the mainstream with this launch, as opposed to targeting its usual early-adopter crowd," says TechCrunch.For more information on how #Music is changing the Twitter world, check out a few of my favorite articles about the launch.Hit me up on Twitter, I am sure to be tweeting more of my favorite jams! –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)