The Instagram Storybook: How The Gorillaz are Using Socials to Tell a Story

The Gorillaz highly anticipated fourth album, slated for 2017 release, has all of us here at Cashmere Agency buzzing with excitement. However, it's not only the group's creative approach to music and their eclectic sound that has us wondering what is next for the Gorillaz. As a creative marketing agency well-versed in all things social, we've been closely following how the group has been leveraging social media to weave an intricate narrative surrounding Noodle, the group's 13-year-old cartoon Gorillaz have been utilizing Instagram as a platform to share Noodle's journey with followers. The multimedia storybook, titled The Book of Noodle, follows the tale of Noodle - tracing the character's adventures from Murdoc's Plastic Beach to Japan. The group's brillant use of Instagram to tell an elaborate story - one that is complete with impressive graphics and short form videos - showcases how social platforms be used to do much more than simply post photos. By disrupting Instagram's original purpose and using it as a storybook of sorts, brands and artists across the board can follow the music group's lead and tell more innovative and engaging stories to their fans, followers and consumers.The creative and social teams at Cashmere have certainly been inspired by the social campaign surrounding the new album's release. We'll be waiting to see what else the Gorillaz, and their Instagram account, have in store for us.

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