The Hollywood Reporter Recognizes Cashmere And Partners For Savvy Multicultural Marketing

The world is truly multicultural and we believe that art, entertainment and the marketing behind brands should reflect this guiding principle. We’re lucky to work with partners that understand the importance of multiculturalism and recognize that our Agency is able to provide marketing solutions because we truly see, breathe and live Culture.

The Hollywood Reporter recently explored how savvy cultural marketing campaigns are paying off for Tinseltown, by highlighting the success of the movies like Us and Crazy Rich Asians. More often than not, diverse audiences are excluded from marketing campaigns but recently studios, networks, brands are all stepping up to change the system. We appreciate The Hollywood Reporter for recognizing our tireless work as a trusted partner to driving solutions for many entertainment entities.

"We don't say, 'We're going to target an ethnic segment,' " says Universal senior vp multicultural marketing Fabian Castro, adding that the studio derived many of Us' efforts from the organic fan response to Get Out. "Instead we say, 'We're going to create a culturally relevant invitation for that audience."

"The most important part of the [multicultural] audience is that you understand they are who they are all the time. You're not doing initiatives like, 'Oh, it's Black History Month, let me do my African American campaign,' " says Lucinda Martinez, senior vp multicultural and international marketing at HBO. "I'm Latina, so when everyone swoops in and starts talking to me in September [National Hispanic Heritage Month], I kind of eye roll. The best way our campaigns have evolved is that we are in a relationship with the audience all the time."

Stay ready and you don’t have to get ready! Make sure to head over to THR to read the rest of this insightful story.

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