The #GetOutChallenge Has Gone Viral

Another week, another meme. Inspired by Universal Pictures' Get Out, the latest viral sensation sweeping the interwebs is the #GetOutChallenge. Jordan Peele's directorial debut is a box office smash earning 30.5 million in its opening week and becoming the number one film in the nation. Using horror and comedy to provide social commentary, Get Out is becoming a cultural moment a la Donald Glover's Atlanta. With all the buzz around the film, of course it has sparked its fair share of memes. The most popular of the bunch is the #GetOutChallenge, based on George's running scene in the movie. Celebrities such as Logic and Stephen Curry have participated in this challenge, putting their own hilarious twist on the scene. Others have used the hashtag to illustrate the irony of race relations on the internet. We here at Cashmere Agency played a vital role in the success of the film, activating around PR and experiential events. Lighthearted or serious, we appreciate and encourage the conversation around this film's important themes.Below are a few of our favorites from the #GetOutChallenge

Lavar Ball: My son better than steph @StephenCurry30 Pregame : football, Golf, volleyball, #getoutchallenge win can @ZO2_ do that ‍♂️

— Getoutchallenge (@getoutchallenge) March 8, 2017

Just something I edited together from seeing @Logic301 Instagram story lol #getout #logic

— John Peters (@JohonSolo) March 6, 2017