Thanking our Veterans

Although our veterans are always in our hearts and on our minds, today marks the official calendar day on which we take pause to thank America's vets for their willingness to serve our country.

The holiday that we celebrate today hasn't always been called Veterans Day. Historically, the event began in 1918 as Armistice Day, and was originally created to mark the armistice that allowed for a temporary "cessation of hostilities" between Germany and the allied nations- prior to the official end of the World War 1. The Veterans Day that we now know didn't become a national holiday until 1971, and even then it wasn't recognized on November 11th until 1978.
Today, we celebrate Veterans Day in a variety of ways, whether that be with a veteran whom we love, or with the friends and family of someone who was lost. If you are local and looking for a Veterans Day event to join, you can check out this list of 2016 Veterans Day celebrations in the Los Angeles area.
Thank you to our veterans for your service, we appreciate you!