Tech Tuesdays: #RealDiversityNumbers Highlights Tech Industry's Diversity Issues

Diversity in the tech industry has been a hot button issue recently, and for good reason. Diversity statistics released by tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft revealed their workforce is predominately white and male. While these companies are ramping up efforts to increase diversity in the workplace, a new Twitter hashtag is showing that there is still a long way for the industry to go.Many of the diversity initiatives have focused primarily on women and minorities but there are other groups that have gone largely ignored by much of the tech industry.#RealDiversityNumbers challenges tech companies to view diversity as a more complex issue. Age, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity and physical and mental disabilities are all aspects of diversity that most of these companies seem to have overlooked.Started by Erica Baker, an engineer over at Slack, the hashtag raises a lot of important issues about the different aspects of diversity that aren't being discussed:  Techcrunch