Tech Tuesdays: Intel Sets Aside Funding for Women in STEM

Silicon Valley has had a longstanding problem with diversity. Between Ellen Pao's recent lawsuit alleging gender discrimination at Kleiner Perkins and the recent LA Times article which highlighted the severe underrepresentation of minorities amongst Silicon Valley senior level positions, it's becoming increasingly obvious that something needs to be done to level the tech playing field.Today, Intel Capital, the investment arm of the tech company, announced that it would be setting aside $125 million to invest in tech companies led by women and underrepresented minorities. The four start-ups receiving this funding are: Brit & Co, CareCloud, Mark One, and Venafi. The announcement today is part of Intel's Diversity in Technology Initiative which is aimed at encouraging diversity in the technology industry and achieve full representation of women and minorities by 2020.It's so refreshing to see a tech giant like Intel view diversity as a priority and actually take the steps to accomplish it; hopefully others in the industry will follow its lead.

TechCashmere Agency