Tech Tuesday: Meet Miitomo, Nintendo's Addictive New Mobile Game

Nintendo's smartphone app Miitomo is just as addictive as your social media feed! We can attest to this here at the Cashmere HQ, as it's been a hot topic amongst our creative department. Released about a month ago in Japan, and then in the US a week later, Miitomo is Nintendo's first-ever smartphone app. What sets this apart from other interactive apps is its unique reward system for using the platform as a social media tool. Here is how it works:Users first create their “Mii,” a cartoon avatar that Nintendo first introduced with the Wii. They'll be able to style your Mii with different clothes and hairstyles, then add friends and interact with them by answering random questions, like “What did you do this past weekend?” or “Who are your favorite celebrities?”miitomo_smartphone_march_2016You'll begin to learn more about your friends and family and what their interest are. Miitomo rewards its users for being social. The rewards include coins which can be used to buy costumes and customs perks through the app.Download the app and let us know what you think!