It is Prime Day, My Dudes #TechTuesday

It may not be Wednesday, but it is Prime Day, which essentially feels like Christmas on a sweltering July Tuesday. It's plausible that we're seeing the tech & retail giant's very own Black Friday in the making. Amazon is holding its second annual sales event to a surprising lack of fanfare compared to last year, despite only one minor hiccup this morning. Unlike 2015, the 100,000 deals offered today aren't too dissimilar to those on a regular day, and more interestingly, they aren't selling out. At least, not as quickly as last year.As those of us on the East Coast are wrapping up lunchtime, we observe that Lightning Prime Day Deals, available for a set period of time, usually two to four hours, are selling out but not at a rate that they did last year,” Supriya Chaudhury, the CMO of Clavis Insight, an e-commerce analysis firm in Boston, said.Amazon's Prime Day is designed to increase user acquisition, with the promotion aiming to boost membership through its vast number of Lightning Deals and Deals of The Day, exclusive only to Prime members. The sale is currently happening the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Belgium, and Austria, running from midnight to midnight Seattle time. Amazon said it sold 34.4 million items on its first Prime Day, selling more of its devices than in any other day in its two-decade history, all while gaining more new Prime members than in any other single day. Given how successful the first one was in the chaos of customers trying to secure the best deals, it's unexpected that the day seems rather underwhelming thus far.ChannelAdvisor, an e-commerce software company that works with approximately 3,000 online retailers, found that by 9:00 AM PST, U.S. Prime Day sales were in line with Prime Day in 2015. However, the executive chairman Scot Wingo stated it is possible higher number of sales will come later in the day and that said numbers could rise.Regardless, the quiet response from the Internet community isn't stopping our team from buying the odd power bank (in preparation for yet another weekend spent on Pokemon Go) or an oil diffuser (for that much needed aromatherapy in the office). For those of you with the $99-a-year membership, how will you be taking advantage of their free one-day shipping today?