Suprise Suprise Marijuana Gives You the Munchies

A study, led by scientist, Tamas Horvath of Yale University proves that your munchies cravings are all in your head. After testing the brain functions of mice with marijuana, scientists find that the cannabinoids (active ingredient in pot) reverses the brains activity that suppresses appetite, therefore increasing hunger.When marijuana is in your system, your body sends the brain mixed signals, which includes sending endorphins opposing the usual appetite curbing chemicals. In addition to hunger, endorphins also release a positive feeling in the body, which is the natural high of happiness.The study also showed an increase in the animals sense of smell, which encourages the craving for food but not just any food; the study finds that this type of hunger is specifically for calorie-dense foods.This is great news, which can help patients who suffer from loss of an appetite including patients suffering from cancer and depression.