Super Bowl: If You're Not Cheating You're Not Trying


The New England Patriots are going to the Super Bowl!

The New England Patriots are facing the Seattle Seahawks in 2015's Super Bowl Sunday. Whether or not this should be the case is up for debate. After officials verified the PSI of the game footballs prior to the game against the Colts, it was obvious that during the game someone had deflated 11 out of 12 of the Pats balls, to their advantage. Yes, each team has their own game balls. The claim is that when the ball is deflated it is easier to grip and catch. But seriously, with the final score of 45-7 could the deflated footballs have helped that much? Also, what would the NFL realistically do? Disqualify the Patriots and allow the Seahawks to win the championship by default, and not hold the television event of the year? Katy Perry fans everywhere would be devastated. But all jokes aside, with this much publicity the NFL has to do something. I feel another Commissioner Roger Goodell press conference coming on. Even after the controversy the New England Patriots will be facing the Seattle Seahawks for Super Bowl XLIX.

Will you be tuning in on Sunday, February 1?..and not just for the commercials

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