Street Poets Make A Difference

[youtube=]As some of you may know, our VP of Marketing, Rona Mercado, recently joined the board for a non-profit organization called Street Poets, Inc. Street Poets have been working with the youth of LA for 18 years now, leading workshops that inspire young people who have grown up in a violent, destructive culture to tell their stories and develop their authentic voices through the written and spoken word. They’ve been enormously successful in guiding kids away from the violence of their pasts, toward a future filled with hope. Check out the video above from a truly magical, groundbreaking training day that Street Poets helped to facilitate for 70+ probation officers last month.Afterwards, 97% of the participating probation officers said they would recommend the training to their colleagues. Especially coming from PO's who don't tend to be the most open-minded enthusiastic bunch, this was an incredible response. The Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network (of which Street Poets is a founding member) has already been enlisted to do four more trainings like it over the next year.For more information on Street Poets, Inc. visit them here and see them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!