Stop asking Grace where to eat in K-Town

Each Friday, our graphic designer Grace, will be contributing to our blog. Here are her best Koreatown recommendations. Check out mouth-watering pictures in the gallery below!Every other day, I get an email, text or phone call from a friend asking me where they should eat in K-Town. The only acceptable answer to that question is, “What do you want?” Whatever you want, K-Town will provide. Do you need a quiet place? Do you want to get messed up with your friends and party till 5 a.m.? Do you want to experience a Korean spot so authentic, you might have to get a Korean-speaking friend on speakerphone? There are so many restaurants, bars, and food in general, that I can’t possibly recommend just one spot. Before I get started on the SharkPark K-Town Fest, I want to emphasize that this is my personal list and not necessarily the absolute best places to go to in K-Town. You can leave your favorite places in the comment section!제부도 Jae Boo Do474 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles CA 90004This place is the seafood version of Korean BBQ. You grill your own mussels, clams and eel. There are mostly middle-aged Korean men and an occasional young couple that eat here and the waitresses do not speak English well so I suggest you take a Korean friend or use some good ol' body language.난다랑 Nandarang3815 W 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90020This bar's been around for a while and it's a great spot to watch a game or have a drink while you watch the latest K-pop music videos. There's nothing special about this place but their kimchi pasta is what got me hooked. Sounds disgusting, right? Try it and I promise you, it’ll change your life. Wash it down with some Allagash White and you're hooked.のしすし Noshi Sushi4430 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004Our office sushi expert, Hila Bendavid, said you only need two words to describe this place: “It’s amazing.” Trust me, this girl eats sushi four times a week. Their fish is so fresh and just melts in your mouth, plus the prices are more than decent compared to the quality of their food. It’s cash only so don’t forget to stop by the ATM.알배네 Albaenae3470 W 6th St#6, Los Angeles, CA 90020If you want some great Korean street food or can’t decide on what you want to eat, Albaenae is a great place to go. They have amazing Jjajang myun (bean paste noodles) and Dduk bokki (Spicy rice cake) and most of the dishes they serve at Hodori, where most of my non-Korean friends seem to go. It’s open 24 hours and usually empty (why is it always empty? It’s so good!), so it’s a great place to go when you’re indecisive and hungry.Café Loft3882 W 6th St., Los Angeles, CA 90020The one thing I love about this café is that they have free parking. Every mall, every shop, every restaurant has valet in front of an empty parking lot in Koreatown and it drives me nuts. Hey, paying $2.50 every time adds up, especially when we hop from restaurants to cafés to bars all night. They also have really addicting huge slices of cake and really cute architecture. They play mellow jazzy music, which is a nice break from the “WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” level of K-pop in most Koreatown places.소반 Soban4001 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019Hands down some of the most authentic and delicious Korean food you can taste in LA. Their entire menu is derived from food that the Korean royal families ate in the 15th century. Don’t tell my mom but I think their Kahn Jang Gae Jang (Marinated raw crab) is better than anything homemade. Unlike most places, they have close to 15 different side dishes, similar to the 12 side dishes that were brought out in the Chosun King’s dinner table in the 1400’s. They have Kalbi Jjim (braised short rib) and different kinds of Jun (traditional pancakes). This place really brings out the Korean in me!The list can go on and on! Don’t forget to add your favorite in the comments!