Today, Snoop Lion released his new REINCARNATED Tracks App as a companion to his latest music and media project, REINCARNATED, which features the collection of an album, documentary film, mobile app, photo-book, and charity organization.Snoop_products app 1Cashmere Agency was very excited to build the app to give music fans a "behind-the-scenes" look into Snoop's transformational project. We spent the last couple of months working diligently with the great people at Citia to put together a mobile product that we could be proud of. The REINCARNATED Tracks App also brings fans that nostalgic feeling of opening their favorite CDs, providing track notes, information on collaborators, and insight on each song. It also provides a deep dive look into his growth as an artist and his journey to the island of Jamaica. The app is powered by Citia, a software system that drives the app's unique 3D experience consistently across multiple devices. Fans can manipulate, engage with and share beautifully designed content cards that appear to float in space, each one with quotes, lyrics, images, songs or video clips. And fans can delve into the app on a smartphone, come home, switch to the iPad or laptop and pick up where they left off. Snoop Lion continues to be a leader in adopting new technologies, and strives to bring a more valuable experience between artist and fan.“I am excited about my REINCARNATED Track Notes App because it provides an in-depth look at my recent journey through my REINCARNATED project,” said Snoop Lion. “This app will bring fans back to the days when they sat with their albums and CDs just to soak up the story behind the music and to really feel connected with their favorite artist.”You can download the app for free on iPhone, iPad, and on your web browser. Check out all there is to offer within the app, and stay tuned for the premium version this summer!snoop app blog1 snoop app blog2 snoop app blog3