Snoop Dogg Partners with Cuca Fresca to Show It's Time To Drink Different

Back in 2003, Snoop Dogg discovered the popular Brazilian cocktail, the Caipirinha, while shooting his "Beautiful" video with Pharrell. Ever since then, he has looked for ways to bring the Brazilian culture, food, and drinks to the US. Recently, he happened to meet the owners of a new Brazilian Cachaca brand called Cuca Fresca, who recently launched their product in the US.Snoop has officially partnered with Cuca Fresca to start setting a new trend. As he has always stayed ahead of the game, investing and partnering with businesses and people where he sees great opportunity. With the Cachaca category so large around the world, and just about to break in the US, this was a perfect fit. Today, Cuca Fresca released the first installment in a series of videos called Drink Different. Check it out and make sure to try Cuca Fresca at your local store![youtube]

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