Snoop Dogg Partners with Cachaça Brand Cuca Fresca

We are proud to announce the new partnership between Snoop Dogg and cachaça brand Cuca Fresca. The premium artisanal Brazilian cachaça is one of the leading brands in its category and poised to make a big market splash in the US. The brand has always portrayed an essence of cool, so it makes it a natural fit for Snoop to become a partner in leading their next phase of expansion.Snoop Dogg has always been a smart business man, taking notice of emerging trends and unique brands. When he was shooting his "Beautiful" music video with Pharrell in 2003, he become especially fond of the Caipirinha, the well known cachaça cocktail. As this cachaça category continues to grow across the world, Snoop's trendsetting ability will bring awareness to the drink and the brand. As he has been known to walk his own path, beat to his own drum, Snoop will help his fans and consumers around the globe take notice of Cuca Fresca. As Snoop recently explained to Forbes, "Its time to drink different".- Kyle (@kyledineen)