SNL 's 42nd Season And The Importance of Using Comedy for Political Awareness

Many comedians have touched upon how stand-up comedy and satire are effective avenues for raising awareness around important social and political issues. The 42nd season of Saturday Night Live, which premiered earlier this month, was a definite crowd pleaser. As expected, the season has already boasted some noteworthy moments including celebrity host and Suicide Squads star Margot Robbie, a live performance of "Starboy" by the Weeknd, and even some passive aggressive female marketing. However, perhaps more than ever before, the newest SNL season has been providing audiences with some hilarious political commentary in light of the upcoming presidential election.snl-2The season kicked off with hysterical impressions of political candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, played respectively by Alec Baldwin and Emmy winner Kate McKinnon. Although the show provides obvious satirical versions of the two frontrunners, their viewpoints on political issues, and the recent debates, the show is still occupying a pivotal role during this election season. Just as Chelsea Handler and so many comedians have highlighted, entertainers have a very public platform that shouldn't go to waste. By combining comedy and politics, the new season of SNL is capable of not only making audiences laugh, but can encourage viewers to tune-in to the debates, follow the issues most important to them, and ultimately, show up to the polls.As election day draws nearer, Cashmere Agency is excited to see what else SNL has in store!