Snap Inc. Redefines the notion of Snapchat 'lenses' with new Spectacles

It's the social media platform that has completely altered the way we communicate with others with disappearing snaps, face-altering lenses, and a plethora of emojis and stickers. It has also consistently enhanced its features to keep users interested and has provided marketers with an entire new world in which to integrate their products and utilize influencers in order to widen their reach and resonance.Snapchat has been making headlines today with its rebranding and the introduction of its first, tangible (and wearable) product that we Snapchat-happy consumers can buy and enjoy. The term Snapchat 'lenses' has taken on a new meaning now that Evan Spiegel has officially put to rest rumors of Snapchat-inspired glasses. Spiegel has revealed that the glasses, called 'Spectacles', will be sold for $130 per pair and their main purpose will be for video usage. The glasses remain true to the platform's goals and original uses, but feature a video camera with a 115-degree lens. All the videos that the Spectacles capture will be saved to users' Snapchat memories. However, far different than your ordinary video snapchat stories, the content will be saved and played in a new circular video format - delivering an entirely new perspective.spectaclesAccompanying news of Spectacles, Snapchat has also changed its name to 'Snap Inc.,' leading many to believe that Snapchat has only just begun when it comes to trying their hand in consumer products and techie toys. Investors and customers are already buzzing with anticipation and speculation regarding what is to come. As avid concert-goers and tech junkies, we here at Cashmere Agency can't wait to try on a pair and capture experiences in a whole new way.