Shark’s Las Vegas Bucket List

I take a monthly Las Vegas trip to visit my sister (shoutout to the other Park!) and I wanted to share my favorite places to go, as well as a list of things I’m dying to do. Check out the gallery for pictures!Herbs & Rye3713 W Sahara AvenueThis Italian restaurant has the best meatballs and truffle mac and cheese with a great wine list and classic cocktails. The atmosphere is great for a quiet, comfortable dinner and no need to cry over your bank statement the next morning.Firefly3900 Paradise RoadFirefly is a Spanish Tapas restaurant where you can practically order the whole menu and share with a group of friends. They have amazing stuffed dates and sliders, not to mention their delicious sangrias. Don’t forget to make reservations!Downtown bar hoppingInsert Coins 512 Fremont StreetDowntown Las Vegas isn’t as sketchy as it used to be. Actually, it’s a great place to go bar hopping. Start with the Griffin and grab a couple drinks, then head over to Insert Coins to play arcade games! Finish it off with some ziplining above the street.Earl of SandwichPlanet Hollywood Hotel (3667 S Las Vegas Blvd)There’s a long line ALL THE TIME, but it’s a nice place to grab a bite if you’ve “donated” a lot to the casino. You can always grab a yardstick while you wait in line and sober up with some great sandwiches .The Cellar Bar and Lounge3601 W Sahara AvenueA great live jazz bar with strong drinks! Such an amazing atmosphere and everyone is so friendly! Can you tell I love this place with all these exclamation marks?! I would drive out to Vegas now just for this bar.Michael MinaBellagio Hotel (3600 Las Vegas Boulevard South)Out of all the restaurants I’ve been to in the hotels, I would have to say Mina was my favorite. The food, the wine, the service, the atmosphere... Sigh, it feels like I was dreaming.BarrymoreRoyal Resort (99 Convention Center Drive)When I first went to the Barrymore, I was skeptical because it was inside a tiny hotel with 4 slot machines in the lobby. I quickly changed my mind when I saw the drink menu.DuPar’sGolden Gate Hotel & Casino (One Fremont Street)Another great place to go if you don’t feel like spending more than $20 on a meal. This diner first opened in San Francisco and became famous for their pancakes that supposedly take days to make. How can a pancake be so fluffy and spongy at the same damn time?Dick’s Last ResortExcalibur Hotel (3850 Las Vegas Blvd South)I’ve never been and I want to go so badly! What is it about servers deliberately being mean to you? The theme of this restaurant is that the servers treat you horribly on purpose and you tip them for that? Maybe it just sounds like a blast because I have some issues to work out.Golden Nugget shark tank slide129 Fremont StreetI want to see my shark friends while I squeal with joy, going down a water slide.–Grace, Twitter|Instagram