Serena Williams Is The Inspiration We All Need

“Why is it that when women get passionate, they’re labeled emotional, crazy, and irrational, but when men do they’re seen as passionate and strong?”

Those words from Serena Williams in her recent first-person essay for Harpers Bazaar underscores generations of sentiment that women across the world have felt and echoed. For Serena, as a competitive Black woman in a sport where she’s the minority, this has been the misconception about her since her first Grand Slam title.

As a strong Black woman, Serena consistently faces opposition just for standing up for herself. There’s a calming truth, however, in continuing to persevere that Serena perfectly encapsulated while discussing the injustices she felt were dealt to her at the 2018 U.S Open, “I felt defeated and disrespected by a sport that I love. One that I had dedicated my life to and that my family truly changed, not because we were welcomed, but because we wouldn’t stop winning.”

Not because we were welcomed, but because we wouldn’t stop winning.

The words of a champion. Thank you for the inspiration, Serena!

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