Schusterman Foundation's REALITY Tech Program in Israel

This is a guest post from our Director of Accounts, Cameron Crane.Last week, I was fortunate to participate in the Schusterman Foundation's REALITY Tech program, an experience that brought together innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders in the tech industry to explore Israel. From Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the Syrian Border to the West Bank and the Dead Sea, the journey opened my eyes to Israel's incredible complexity-- from its geography to its people to its history. My experience challenged me to think differently about what we are capable of as entrepreneurs and leaders in our industry.As former Prime Minister Shimon Peres told us: "When you are poor in assets you are not necessarily poor in options. Israel is not a story of a land that built people, but of people who built land." It was an inspiring trip that left me with a renewed energy for innovation. Check out some more photos below!12096534_10103254131645944_8062314564099953424_n 12111913_10103254131920394_8760211103551633314_n 12046705_10103254132963304_7071532463581543874_n 10945579_10103254134505214_5494502038923636540_n 10411006_10103254131586064_3930456070237562480_n 12046745_10103254132394444_3142202931588289957_n 12033169_10103254134395434_2192167801382831093_n